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About Cranbrook Flooring

It all started in 1975. A hardworking man named Harold Eaton started a flooring store. A determined businessman with incredible work ethic and values, Harold believed that the quality of the product and installation must be of a standard that he would expect in his very own home. Nothing less. These standards resulted in Harold growing his business for forty more years. A true family business in every sense of the word, his wife Peggy soon joined him in operating the store and customers would often see their young son Clint climbing around in the carpet rolls.


Upon Harold's passing in 2015, his son Clint Eaton took over the store. As much as things change, they stay the same. The store is still located on Kootenay Street, as it was in 1975. When you come into the store today, you may very well see Clint's two sons and daughter hanging out at the store, just as he did as a young boy. He also maintains the standard that the products and installation must be good enough for his home, in order for it to be good enough for yours. Let us know if there are any issues.

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Do you have sales? 
At Cranbrook Flooring, we do our best to provide the highest quality prices at the best pricing, every day. Because of this, we tend not to have sales. However, there are occasions when we want to make room on a the sales floor and showroom. At those times, we may price particular items at cost to make room for newly released flooring products. 
Are quotes free?


Quotes at Cranbrook Flooring are always free! We will come to your home or office, measure your space, and provide a cost at no charge. This is our first step in earning your trust and your business. 

How long will it take to get my quote?


Our goal is to get you your quote as soon as possible. In some cases, this could be less than 24 hours. However, during high volume times, this can take up to a week. We encourage you to ask your sales person to provide you with an estimated wait time for your quote, to ensure it aligns with your timeline. 

How long will it take for me to get my flooring?


At Cranbrook Flooring, we have developed relationships with suppliers all over the world. We purchase primarily in Canada, which can result in floors arriving within a couple of days. However, specialized products, such as Italian tile, come on a boat from Italy and can take up to a month. If you want to complete your project quickly, we encourage you to check out all our in stock products

Do I need a subfloor for vinyl plank? 

I will be asking staff to help identify commonly asked questions, such as whether a measure and quote costs money and obligates a person to purchase. 

Can we do loose lay vinyl plank?


Loose lay sounds like the easiest option, and it can be laid without glue, if your floors are perfectly smooth and level. However, at Cranbrook Flooring we recommend gluing for a strong lasting,


What is easier? Click together vinyl plank or glue down vinyl plank? 


I will be asking staff to help identify commonly asked questions, such as whether a measure and quote costs money and obligates a person to purchase. 


I saw a floor on your website that I really like. Do you carry it? 


All of our website content comes from our suppliers? If you find something you like, simply hover over the photo. The brand and style should appear. As product availability is subject to change, please contact us to see if the brand and style is available or if there may be something similar.

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